Water Risk Management (Scheme for Local Councils)

ReteMet is specialized on advising about the supply of weather and hydrological monitoring systems to local councils and companies by means of a diversified communication network to effectively meet various requirements in terms of environmental management and mitigation of water risk.

It is important to accurately identify the critical factors of flooding areas and organize adequate instruments for monitoring in real time the physical variables playing a vital role in triggering these catastrophic events.

In these cases an efficient reading of the rainfall intensity in real-time i.e. the rainfall rate in time unit is extremely useful. Retemet offers solutions for the so-called flash flooding characteristics of most of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian coastal areas with a regime of torrent-like waters.

The regular acquisition and filing of data have helped improving the research studies on the hydrogeological instability establishing the water concentration in time unit and the water flow rate measured on the rivers and torrents in relation to the concentration of phenomena in time and space.

In particular, it will be possible to identify and gear all those critical thresholds (events in actual sequence), depending on the intensity and location of phenomena to enable the apparatus of Protezione Civile Agency to deal with the requirements of a potential urban emergency, in the right timing and in relation to any warning broadcast by the public institutions.


Predetermined thresholds on rainfall levels in mm per minute, and/or cumulative totals per hour/day, as maximum levels of streams/rivers will be implemented to ensure a prompt and updated monitoring through a computerized system.

A further key point of the scheme is the information system that will automatically translate the broadcast data into a practical and readable coding to be used by the council officers in charge, or   all other bodies involved when a critical event is underway.

When fixed thresholds are exceeded, warnings and other useful data measured by the instruments will be sent to the authorized personnel in the following ways:

→ dedicated web site
→ e-mail
→ sms