Supply of Davis instruments measuring weather parameters

ReteMet provides consultancy and know-how for professional and semi-professional control units. We can offer a varied range of products for different weather and environmental monitoring applications.

Supply of Davis instruments to measure the main meteorological parameters.

Davis Vantage Pro2 meteorological station with an integrated sensor locking system (powered by a solar cell) combining temperature and humidity (in a passive solar screen), a rain gauge and an anemometer with a 12-metre cable.

Control panel with a large 90×150 mm multi-functional back-lit LCD display and an integrated barometric sensor – Data recording every 2.5 seconds.

Data broadcasting by wide-spectrum radio technology (i.e. frequency hopping spread spectrum) ensuring wireless data transmission up to a distance of 300 metres as the crow flies.  The range through walls and in standard situations is about 100 metres and can be expanded by means of optional transmitting devices).

Datalogger and WeatherLink software used for logging and advanced analysis of data.

  • UV solar and radiation sensors
  • Humidity/ground temperature, broadcasting , ecc.
  • Solar screen with forced aspiration (combines active and passive aspiration to reduce the effects of  the radiation to the minimum)
  • Agriculture IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Modules-Drupaceaes, pears and apples, vineyards.

Data management and web applications

Standalone module with powering and independent data storing
by using Vantage Connect Wireless Acccount

Main screen of the portal – Basic parameters Acccount

Daily statistics – portal Acccount

Hicharts graphs – Development of a dedicated portal starting from raw data

PC-based modality, power supply required and ADSL data traffic

Supply or configuration of small weather systems made up of a mini PC, instruments for data transmission (i.e. ADSL and/or 3G routers) and software compatible with Davis Instruments products for data transmission and drawn up graphics.

Live Gauges

Live Gauges – dynamic manometers in real-time – Possibility to personalize the background with a local web cam

Dati in real time

Possibility to use a web template to update data in real-time

Applicazioni Desktop

Use of advanced desktop applications for data management

Either in the PC-based modality or standalone, it is possible to share the most common data measured within the supported regional, national and international networks.

Rete Limet

Rete Limet – Liguria Observation Network by Ass. Culturale Ligure di Meteorologia


WunderMap – International Network with weather layers

Wind Finder

Wind Finder – Specific network for wind measurement

We remain at your disposal to check your specific requirements.


Over the years, ReteMet has selected a number of companies specialized in weather and environmental measurements following a yearly co-operation with them

Main features of the distributed products

Base of scale with syphon

Design compliant with WMO standards

Resolution 0,2 mm

Rainfall intensity 0÷1 mm/min: ± 0,2 mm
Rainfall intensity 1÷4 mm/min: 1%

Signal output 0,1 A/24V non inductive

Aluminium Casing

Calibration certificate included

Diameter of collection 2 meters

Internal area 324 cm2

Heater Yes

Power supply of heater 24 Vac

Consumption of heater 60 W

Operating temperature >-20°C

Signal output max electrical load 20 mA/24V non-inductive

Sensore DQA130.1#C LSI – LASTEM

Curva di errore di un pluviometro professionale ottenuta dai testi di Laboratorio al Lead Centre Castelli (UNIGE)

Thanks to the help of Laboratorio di Pluviometria (rainfall laboratory) – Lead Centre WMO/CIMO “B. Castelli” (High Qualified D.L. 297/99) at Genoa University (DICCA) it is possible to reach the standard UNI 11452:2012 on instruments. This ensures a higher level of accuracy and quality in the measurement of the rainfall event.


Measuring range 0,6 ÷ 8 m – 0,8 ÷16 m

Sensitivity 0,5 cm

Transducer type Piezo-electric

Operating temperature -20 ÷ 65 °C

The operating principle: The transducer measures the hydrometric level by emitting pulses in ultrasonic frequency toward the area of interest and detecting the return echo. The electronic control measures the differential based on the time taken between the emission and reception of the signal. To be taken into account is the variation of the sound speed in relation to the air density, the transducer measures the air temperature and automatically compensates the measured values.

Smart Sensors: The transducer belongs to the family of the smart sensors as is fitted with a microprocessor performing, among other things, the following functions: checks on proper functioning, data preprocessing, A/D conversion of electrical signals, etc. These features ensure an excellent accuracy and a high reliability of data.

Materials and International standard: An ABS screen protects the sensors from impacts and snow and reduces heating to the minimum. Complying with the European Electromagnetic standards (EMC), the transducer is protected against excess voltage and fully responds to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) requirements.

Sensore 3R UAV01 Darrera
3R UAV01 Darrera Sensor

A two-axle sensor, specifically designed to replace the Davis VP2 cup anemometers.
Its high performance makes it ideal for all types of applications in terms of road servicing, buildings, ski resorts, leisure parks, ports, etc.
Its low energetic consumption enables the deployment in other gauges powered by solar panels.

Solid Structure and Resistance to adverse weather
The sensor’s structure is particularly solid and ensures a high resistance to atmospheric agents without moving parts which could fall, break or freeze, and also reduces to the minimum the time of intervention for maintenance at regular intervals.

Specifications of the 3R UAV01 Darrera Sensor

Wind speed:
Measurement range: 0-60 m / s
Resolution: as per Davis VP2
Accuracy: ± 2%

Wind direction:
Measurement range: 0-360
Resolution: as per Davis VP2
Accuracy: ± 2 °

Electrical Specifications

Voltage: from 10 to 30 VDC
Consumption: 40 mA (max.)
Output signal: compatible with the Davis VP2 station

Mechanical Features

Operating temperature: from -40° C to 60° C
Material: high-tensile aluminium and plastics
Size: 150 x 179 mm ∅
Weight: 1 Kg


ReteMet has chosen to rely on Mobotix in relation to the Ip Cam field for weather and marineweather monitoring as well as for touristic and environmental developments.

The main advantage of the hi-resolution webcams lies on their capability of storing images based on higher definition. The Mobotix webcams record details about 30 times greater than 95% of all existing video systems used worldwide.
It is reliable to be used anywhere in the world. Its solid, reinforced glass-fiber structure, the possibility to use it even in the most hostile climatic conditions (i.e. from -30°C to +60°C) and the
absence of fans, heaters and moving parts represent the key aspects of the high resolution of the
Mobotix webcams. Over 100,000 webcams have been installed all over the world and in any
environmental condition, from the Antartic to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and even to the marshes
in Florida.

ReteMet promotes the M15 model, a professional dual-fiber optic webcam suitable for any location.
Its specs are as follows:

• Very high image quality with a sensor resolution of 6 MEGA px (Day vision optics, 2.5 times
greater than than the standard full-HD), 3 MEGApx (Night vision optics);
• Degree of protection IP66;
• Up to 64GB internal memory (micro sd);
• On request, dual D&N vision optics or zoom (automatic switch for day and night vision available in D&N models only) with modular optics whose (horizontal) wide angle ranges from 13° to 180°;
• Professional equipment fitted with video motion detection, IR sensor, microphone, loudspeaker, sensor for external temperature;
• The webcam works on a MxActivity sensor, i.e. a professional instrument for software-based analysis tool which is used to detect moving people and objects within the monitored area (i.e. with a full-image view or a portion of it chosen separately).